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Welcome to the ITS conciliation board

New ITS (Intelligent transport systems) services and applications are being developed and implemented constantly, either by private companies or in the course of funded projects. Thus ensuring a non-discriminatory approach for all stakeholders as well as high quality of data and services takes top priority. In addition a smooth course of business between data and service providers and their business customers takes a crucial part for downstream services and their users. This of course entails a certain potential for conflicts.

The core task of the conciliation board is to arbitrate and support out-of-court settlement between conflicting parties in the B2B (Business to Business) sector in the field of ITS services and applications. A team of experts will examine brought in complaints in form and content and the way of proceeding will be determined. The goal of a conciliation procedure is to achieve is a compromise reasonable for all parties considered within a reasonable timeframe.

As of 1st January 2014 the ITS conciliation board is operative. Its legal basis is represented by the Austrian law considering the implementation of intelligent transport systems (BGBl Nr. 28/2013). With the establishment of the conciliation board AustriaTech fulfils the task determined by this law (§11, par. 1 p. 3).